Approval at AB Autocare

Andy at AB Auto Care strives on passion for offering his customers nothing but the best. Based on the outskirts of Coleraine his location is convenient for any customer to find.

After much thought Andy was confident he wanted to take his business to another level and felt that going through the process of being Autobrite Approved would help him do so.

Becoming AD approved has benefits for both you and your customers! Give prospective clients the peace of mind of knowing that their pride and joy are in safe hands. With your business’s work viewed at a very high standard.  Being an Autobrite Direct approved detailer or valeter shows you have a skilled and fully approved business.

Why Should You Become Approved

Being approved by one of the largest car care companies in the UK gives your customers the reassurance that their vehicle is in safe hands, promoting the fact that you and your business work to a recognised standard using quality products.