New FOLIATEC Products

We are delighted to now stock a wide range of FOLIATEC products starting off with the increasing popular Brake Caliper Paint and Lacquer Kits.

True to the motto BE DIFFERENT, has been developing innovative products for over 40 years which make it possible to realise an individual vehicle design in a simple and inexpensive way.

Brake Caliper Paint and Lacquer Kits

Brakes should be powerful in the first place, of course. But why not look good at the same time? With our brake caliper paint, you can always find the right color, regardless of whether the brake calipers are to be discreet, elegant or sporty.

Before starting the redesign, we recommend using our special brake cleaner, which removes brake dust, soot, grease and oily residues. In addition to this effective cleaner and the 2-component paint system, the complete package of brake caliper paint sets also includes the practical assembly set – consisting of a steel brush, paintbrush, spatula and a pair of disposable protective gloves.

This makes the colorful redesign a perfect success. In just a few steps, you can set individual accents without having to remove any parts, but with real added value. Specially developed for their field of application, our brake caliper paints are heat-resistant and also seal and preserve the surfaces. Thus they protect brake calipers permanently against chemicals, rust and oil.

The paint can be applied easily and precisely with a brush. If desired, all brake caliper paints can also be applied with a spray gun. The optionally available thinner makes it possible. Regardless of the painting method used, the result is a durable seal with optimum color effect for many years.

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